Charter a Yacht in Singapore

Singapore Yacht Charter

How to experience the best yacht charter in Singapore

Why choose Singapore ?

Yachting is viewed by many as the ultimate vacation experience. It combines the upmost luxury with the freedom of not being pinned to one location. Many great places are suited for yachting, such as the Mediterranean or the Carribean, yet South East Asia offers a unique setting for an unforgettable holiday.

Singapore is one of the hot spots in the area for the yachting enthusiast. The city is defined by water, and has many beautiful sights to offer. At night, the coast vue from the sea is simply mezmerising with its thousand lights.

The city is also the host to several great events. The Singapore Formula One grand prix  attracts over 250,000 racing fans to the Marina Bay circuit, for an amazing nighttime race, followed by exclusive parties and concerts with pop and rock stars such as Bon Jovi and Pharell Williams in 2015. In april, the singapore yacht show brings some of the nicest luxury boats to the island. All year, the town is home to a never ending thread of cultural events.

Just across the straight, the beautiful island of Pulau Batam is a great escape from the urban environment. The coast is made of many creeks that offer peace and quiet. This will give you a great opportunity to relax while admiring the magnificent landscape. There are lots of places to visit on the island.

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Escape the city rush by navigating to a calm and pristine location.

Why on a yacht ?

The hotel experience in Singapore is great, thanks to its five-star hotels, but yachting puts you in a class of your own. the yacht charter offer the same comfort as a hotel, with luxurious suites. Yacht chartered are generally each equipped with a state of the art entertainment center and fully controllable environment, such as the lighting and shutters. The guest areas can be composed of a private cinema, a bar, you name it : at least one yacht has it.

Charter a private yacht is much more personal than a hotel. The crew is dedicated to your needs, and provides a luxury service, on par with the grand hotels. Every toy onboard is at your disposal : Jetskis, private salt-water pool, scuba-diving equippment... Don't worry about needing something that's not onboard, the crew can pop over to shore on the tender boat to get it for you.

Hiring a chef will ensure you fabulous meals cooked from fresh food every day. He will propose his menu, or let you decide what you fancy. We suggest that you make the most of it to try out the local dishes, as he will get his produce locally.

Yachting is a safe experience for families with children. The crew are glad to take care of the kids while you relax. They can also engage in activities so that the young one are also entertained.

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Discover south east asia under a new angle. Scuba diving is a fantastic yachting activity.

Which yacht is the best for me ?

Motoryachts and sail boats can be chartered. The motoryacht maximizes onboard space, while the sail yacht gives you more of a maritime experience. They are both fully-equipped and luxurious.

Every lenght exists for yacht, and each can host a certain number of guests. The maximum number of guests is usually 12, but in certain cases can be up to 14. The crew are extra, and not counted as guests. The speed and range of each vessel varies depending on its size. To find the perfect fit for you, we suggest that you contact a specialized agency.

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The perfect yacht is the key to a perfect vacation.